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Xavier Boet Film Photo


  • Barcelona, Spagna

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  • Settori
    • Film
    • TV e Media
    • Postproduzione
    • Studio
  • Ruoli
    • Fotografo
    • Fotografo eventi
    • Still photographer
    • Autista
    • Assistente video
    • Camera Assistant
    • Operatore Gimbal
    • 1st Assistant Camera
    • Cameraman / Operatore macchina da presa
    • Tecnico luci
    • Tecnico video
  • Hardware
    • Nikon D750
    • GoPro
    • Arri
    • Canon EOS R
    • Manfrotto
    • Sony
    • Sony A7 III
    • Atomos
    • DJI
    • Nikon
    • DJI Ronin SC
    • MacBook Pro (Apple)
    • iMac Pro (Apple)
    • Sony FX6
    • MOTU
    • Zoom
    • Blackmagic Pocket 6K
    • Bose
    • Sony FX9
    • DaVinci Resolve Panel
    • Sony FX3
    • Sony A7S III
    • Canon C70
    • Blackmagic
    • Blackmagic Pocket 6K PRO
    • Dynaudio
    • Wacom
    • Blackmagic URSA Min 4K
    • Funktion One
    • JBL
    • Sennheiser
    • Sony A7s
    • Canon 5D
    • Canon 6D
    • Tascam
    • Sony FS7
    • Sony FS5
    • Sony F55
    • Sony F5
    • Sony A7S II
    • Canon C100
    • Canon C200
    • Canon C300
    • Canon C500
    • Canon C700
    • Arri Alexa
    • Blackmagic URSA Min 4.6K G2
    • Blackmagic Pocket 4K
    • Mackie
  • Software
    • Capture
    • Capture One
    • Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Office Suite (Word, excell, ...)
    • Numbers (Apple)
    • Adobe Indesign
    • Audacity
    • DaVinci Resolve
    • Adobe Audition
    • Adobe After Effect


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Film and Photography Equipment

1-Nikon Z7 II DSLM Camera

1-Nikkor Lens Mount Z 24-70mm f4

1-Ronin SC Gimbal

1-Video Tripod Cayer

1-Photo Tripod Benro with milimeter Manfrotto mount

1-Arri T1. 1000W Fresnel

1-Arri T2. 2000W Fresnel

1-Arri Studio 5000W Fresnel

1-Case with 3 led panels with color temperature from 2500K to 7500K with their softboxes and their honeycombs and 8 batteries for made them portable

1-Pair of flashes Profoto B1X location kit

2-Profoto Zoom Reflector for Profoto B1X

2-Profoto Honeycomb for Profoto B1X

1-Profoto Octa OCF Softbox 2’

1-Profoto Beauty Dish White 2’

1-Profoto Filters for Profoto B1X

1-MacBook Pro i9 2,9Ghz 32GB Ram 2TB Solid Hard Disc

1-4TB Solid Hard Disc of WD Elements

1-Wacon Intuos Pro M

1-Nec Monitor 27” 4K

1-Atomos Shinobi Monitor

1-Pelican 1510 Case

1-Zoom H5 Audio Recorder

1-Boya Micophone for DSLM

1-Sennheiser Headphones HD25

1-JBL Bluetooth Portable Speaker

1-Smallrig Cage for Nikon Z7 II

1-Smoke Machine with their liquid

3-Phottix Tripods for flashes and led panels

2-Dimmers for fresnels

6-Lamp bulbs for fresnels

1-Filter UV 72 mm Polaroid

4-Fliters ND 72 mm K&F Concept

1-Filter Pro Mist ½ 72 mm Tiffen

3-SDXC Memory Cards

3-XQD Memory Cards

1-Spydercheckr Color Card 

1-Lastolite Grey Card

1-Sekonic Lite Master Pro

Cables, batteries chargers, batteries, covers and rigs.

Competenze correlate: 1st Assistant Camera, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Audacity, Cameraman / Operatore macchina da presa, Autista, DaVinci Resolve, Tecnico luci, Funktion One, JBL, Mackie, Fotografo, Tecnico video, Still photographer, Fotografo eventi, Sennheiser, Capture, Sony A7s, Canon 5D, Canon 6D, Canon EOS R, Arri, Tascam, Sony FS7, Sony FS5, Sony F55, Sony F5, Sony A7S II, Canon C100, Canon C200, Canon C300, Canon C500, Canon C700, Sony A7 III, DJI Ronin SC, Arri Alexa, Blackmagic URSA Min 4.6K G2, Blackmagic URSA Min 4K, Blackmagic Pocket 4K, Blackmagic Pocket 6K, Camera Assistant, Adobe Audition, Sony FX9, Bose, GoPro, MOTU, Zoom, Assistente video, Sony FX6, Sony FX3, Sony A7S III, Canon C70, Blackmagic, Nikon D750, Blackmagic Pocket 6K PRO, Manfrotto, Sony, Dynaudio, Atomos, DJI, Nikon, Operatore Gimbal, Office Suite (Word, excell, ...), Wacom, Capture One, MacBook Pro (Apple), Numbers (Apple), iMac Pro (Apple), DaVinci Resolve Panel


  • Spagnolo
  • Francese
  • Inglese


Filmmaker and Photographer with a huge background in Fine Arts, Design, Video and Photography.


Bet Fair Advertising

Production Assistant

09/2022 - 09/2022

Spot of Bet Fair for the World Cup of Qatar 2022.

Keep on Dancing

Director and Producer

08/2022 - 10/2022

Video clip of the song “Keep on Dancing” of the emergent band Warm Gun.

“To the lights”

Producer Assistant and Making Of Photographer

05/2022 - 05/2022

A sci-fi drama about two brothers, in the midst of a mysterious world event. By Julien Zenier.

Mrs. Toolip Gallery Event

Director, Producer and Editor

05/2022 - 05/2022

Video of the opening of the Exhibition at Mrs. Toolip Art Gallery with the students and teachers of the Academy of Art Barcelona.

“Nunca Te Olvidaré”

Diector, Producer and Editor


Video Clip of “Nunca Te Olvidaré” of Kanofbeats and Rilo Sánchez.

“La Regla de Gala”


11/2021 - 11/2021

Short Film of ESCAC.


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