Alberto Bonardi

Alberto Bonardi

  • 20133 Milano, Italy

Skills Profile

  • Sectors
    • Events & Live music
    • Performing arts
    • TV & Media
    • Post-production
    • Studio
    • Broadcast TV (Live/Studio)
  • Roles
    • Sound Recorder
    • Sound technician
    • Sound Mixer
    • FOH Engineer
    • Music producer
  • Hardwares
    • Digico
    • Yamaha
    • Avid Technology
    • D&B Audiotechnik
    • L-Acoustics
  • Softwares
    • Pro Tools
    • Izotope RX
    • Qlab


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MacBookPro M1Pro - Waves SuperRack + Soundgrid server + plugins

MacBookPro 2012 - Smaart Live + Focusrite Scarlett + Mellabs mic + calibrator, Pro Tools, MOTU M64 madi.

4x Neumann KM84i, 1x Geffel UM92.1s valve mic, 2x Shure SM57, 1x Shure Beta58, 1x Shure Beta91a, 1x Beyer 201 TG, 1x Sennheiser MD421, 1x Sennheiser e906, 1x Audix i5.

Amek/Neve 9098 pre/eq, Neve 1073 DPA dual mic pre, Trident B-Range vintage dual pre/eq, 2x Urei LA3a, Mackie Onyx 800R 8 ch mic pre.


  • Italian
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Greek


Touring foh sound engineer worldwide, Recording studio engineer, Broadcast audio mixer, Audio post-production, Pro Tools Operator for music and TV (Sky Italia) 30 years experience, Live Multitrack recording.

Credits: Il Divo, Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini, Daniele Silvestri, Massimo Ranieri, PFM,Nina Zilli and many more.Available for corporate events, work on any professional console, experience on Yamaha QL/CL, Digico SD 5/7/10/12, Avid Profile, S6L, analog consoles + outboard.Studio engineer/mixer worked on SSL G, Neve VR any type of tape machine.Producer mainly for bands any genre.Lecturer in audio courses for more than15 years (EMIT Milano).

Job Stories



  • Digico
  • L-Acoustics
  • Smaart Live
  • Tracks Live
  • SuperRack (Waves)
Movistar Arena Park, Colombia

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