Crew Profile

Bshara El Khoury

  • 11000 Carcassonne, France

Skills Profile

  • Sectors
    • Film
    • TV & Media
  • Roles
    • Director Of Photography (DOP)
    • Documentary Filmmaker
    • Photographer


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Gear list

 SONY  with full matte box and accessories

A7s Mark II with full matte box and accessories


INSTA 360 pro

DJI Mavic pro 2 kit

ATOMOS Shogun Inferno with x2 SSD ATOMOS external battery pack 

Edelchrone Slider pro slider 

RONIN M stabilizer

Seinheiser wireless lavalier kit / 
Audio tecnica headphones

Zoom H6 audio recorder


Waterproof DSLR case

Polaroid led light tubes

Led light kit (x3) 2x1 kit+ V-mount batteries Circular reflectors
CANON zoom lenses
16-35mm F2.8 | 24-70mm F2.8 | 70-200mm F2.8 CANON 100mm F2.8 Macro
CANON x2 lens extender

SAMYANG EF cine lenses
24mm tilt&shift T3.5 35mm T1.5 | 85mm T2 | 135mm T2.2

Zhongy 50mm T0.95

CANON FD lenses 28mm F2.8 | 50mm F1.8 

Zenit M series lenses
 Diopters , filters Zeiss circula Polariser , Lee filters gradual ST ND6 , Hoya Variable ND

Related skills: Director Of Photography (DOP), Photographer, Documentary Filmmaker


  • Arabic
  • French
  • English


Ever since he was a child, Bechara was fascinated by art in all of its forms, which has led him to experiment with old film cameras and launched his musical journey.

His passion for photography and cinema intensified with time, so he joined the university to obtain a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking to his heart’s content. He participated in numerous international film workshops in order to proliferate his skills, develop his talents and quench his thirst for knowledge in that field.

As a Director and Cinematographer, Bechara works on a variety of projects be it short films, commercials, documentaries and music video clips etc...

When it comes to his enthusiasm for and fascination by nature, he is currently producing short documentaries and releasing photographs related to travel and wildlife which are captured in all weather conditions. His desire for adventure drove him to Africa, Europe and Asia to experience and be in touch with nature firsthand.

He is acquainted with a numerous range of cameras, lighting technologies, and all sort of rigs. He also customized his own gear selection to suit his individual documentary shootings.

Trainings / Certifications

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