Profilo dell professionista

Adrien Vinas

  • 1060 Saint gilles, Belgio

Le tue competenze

  • Settori
    • Film
    • Postproduzione
  • Ruoli
    • Editore del suono
    • Sound designer (cinema)
    • Fonico di registrazione
    • Operatore Boom
    • Sound Operator
    • Primo Assistente Ingegnere del Suono
    • Editore musicale
    • Mixer
    • Ingegnere del suono
    • Capo operatore del suono
    • Rumorista
    • Assistente rumorista
    • Secondo Assistente Ingegnere del Suono
  • Hardware
    • Moog
    • Roland
    • SSL
    • Neve
    • Yamaha
    • Mackie
    • Behringer
    • Allen & Heath
  • Software
    • Ableton Live


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  • Francese
  • Inglese


I started as a musician. After assisting studies in musicology, jazz arrangement, and composition.

I fell in love with the sound profession when I've had to help a friend as a boom operator for her short film.

Two months later, I was in a sound engeneer school (the SAE), where I had the opportunity to learn a lot about recording, mixing and sound theory for music and cinema.

After four years of work as a freelance innParis, I've decided to take a chance by moving in Brussels, for professionnal and personal reasons.

It was funny to figure out that music helped me to give rythm in the editing of every movie I worked on, and vice-versa.

Formazione e Certificazioni

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