Crew Profile

Raphael Van Sitteren

  • 1331 Rosieres, Belgium


Skills Profile

  • Sectors
    • Film
    • TV & Media
  • Roles
    • Cameraman / Camera Operator
    • Director Of Photography (DOP)
    • Chief Operator
  • Hardwares
    • Sony FS7
    • Sony FX9
    • Sony A7 III
    • Arri Alexa
    • RED DSMC
    • DJI Ronin S
  • Softwares
    • Final Cut
  • Driving Licenses
    • A
    • B
    • Driver - C


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DJI - Ronin RS2

Works very well with A7sIII track focus function

Extensive Lighting Kit

1x Gemini 2x1 Soft + Snapbag + Snapgrid (RGBWW) 1x Gemini 1x1 Hard (RGBWW) 1x Aputure Ls300x + Fresnel + Softbox. (Bicolor) 1x Fomex 1200 + Chimera Pancake (Bicolor) 2x Plexi Soft tubes - 1m & 40 cm (Bicolor) 6x Aputure B7c Battery powered Bulbs (RGB) 4x Aputure MC-1 (RGB) Various Tungsten lights Various stands / accessories


24" Monitor - Brexel (SDI / HDMI) 7" Small HD 702 Touch (SDI/HDMI + Cross conversion) 7" Shogun Inferno - Monitor & recorder (SDI/HDMI + Cross conversion) 5" SmallHD Focus 5 (HDMI)

Sachtler Tripod

FlowTech 75 + FSB8 Head

Smoke Machine

Equipped with radio remote

Sony A7sIII

Sony A7sIII + Cage and Rig that can be used on V-Lock batteries --- XAVC - 10 bit - 4K 120 fps max - HD 240fps max

Sony FX9

Sony FX9 with V-Lock Batteries PL Lens Adapter Nikon Lens adapter

Sony Lenses

16-35mm f/4 70-200mm f/2.8 24 mm f/1.4 35mm f/1.8 55mm f/1.8 85mm f/1.8 - All these lenses work flawlessly with the amazing AF features of the FX9 and the A7sIII

Wireless Follow Focus - Tilta Nucleus M

Wireless Follow Focus - Tilta Nucleus M

Wireless Video Transmiter system - Vaxis 1000s

1x Transmitter 2x Receivers

Zeiss Full Frame Prime Lenses Set (6 lenses)

18mm f/3.5 25mm f/2 35mm f/1.4 50mm f/2 (macro) 85mm f/1.4 100mm f/2 (macro) - All lenses are equipped with gear for using with follow focus


  • French
  • English

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