Crew Profile

Alexander Siletski

sound recording engineer

  • 0192 Tbilisi, Georgia

Skills Profile

  • Sectors
    • Film
    • Events & Live music
    • TV & Media
    • Post-production
    • Radio
    • Studio
    • Broadcast TV (Live/Studio)
  • Roles
    • Sound Engineer
    • Boom Operator / Perchman
    • Sound Mixer
    • Chief Sound Operator
  • Hardwares
    • Neumann
    • Sanken
    • Schoeps
    • Sound Devices
    • Sennheiser
    • Lectrosonics
    • Digico
  • Softwares
    • Studio One
    • Izotope RX
    • Ableton Live
    • Cubase
    • Reaper
    • Pro Tools
    • DaVinci Resolve


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AEA N8 Pair

Pair of a great ribbons active mics.
Chamber, classical music - main pair (blumlein, ortf, ms, faulkner array, ab, combined), spot mics
Foley, Narration, Field recording

Antelope Audio Orion Studio Rev.2017

Multichannel pro res. interface:
Recording classical, acoustical music,

Multichannel location sound recording.


Related skills: Chief Sound Operator, Sound Engineer, Sound Mixer

Audio Technica AT4022 Pair

Good omnies for spots
Foleys (close micing)
Field recordings

Dynamic mics

Beyerdynamic TG88 - vocals, cabinets, narration, drums, sometimes some spots.
Beyerdynamic M201 TG - cabinets, drums,  sometimes speech
Telefunken M80 Small  - drums, cabinets, vocals. 

Grace Design M201 mk1

Awesome 2channel crystal mic preamp with m/s matrix inside.
Classical and chamber music, acoustical music.
Narration, Foley.

Lom Audio Usi Pro Pair

Sweet omnies for field recordings and some delicate close micing for some objects. 
Sometimes use it for hide micing on location for talents speech or ambiences and some other sounds on location. 

Rode NTR Pair

Use this ribbon mics for spots, some m/s configs with other mics and in combined systems, sometimes a like main pair.

Foley recording, narration, vocals.

Rode NTSF-1 Ambisonic

Love this mic more than Sennheiser Ambeo.
Great for many tasks in ambisonic. I don't like how ambisonic sounds, but this is already  a standard in some spheres. 

Schoeps Cmc6 mk41 and mk2h (pair)

Main Pair for chamber, orchestral music, mk41 like spot 
indoor and ambience mics - for sound in video production (also have a great results in outdoor recording with mk41)
Mk2h for field recording
Mk41 for foley, narration

Related skills: Sound Engineer, Boom Operator / Perchman, Sound Mixer

Sennheiser mkh8040 pair

Orchestral and chamber music - main pair, spot mics

Narration, foley, field recording 
Also have a rycote ortf kit for this mics.

Related skills: Sound Engineer, Boom Operator / Perchman, Sound Mixer

Sound Devices MixPre-6


Related skills: Chief Sound Operator, Sound Engineer, Boom Operator / Perchman, Sound Mixer


  • Belarusian
  • Russian
  • Czech
  • English


A have a huge expirience in any sound recording.  From location sound on set, foley, video games recording, narration to orchestral recording.

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