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Adam Son


  • 75019 Paris, France

Skills Profile

  • Sectors
    • Events & Live music
    • TV & Media
    • Post-production
    • Studio
    • Broadcast TV (Live/Studio)
  • Roles
    • Cameraman
    • Chief Sound Operator
    • Sound Operator
    • Cameraman Multicamera
  • Driving Licenses
    • B


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  • French
  • English


At a pretty early age I got passionate with audiovisual media production. I got to learn audio and video softwares in the late 90’s and carried on with a scientific specialty in high school which led me to a sound engineering and cinema bachelors degree in Paris in 2009. While specialising in studio engineering I had to opportunity to intern at Zarma studio, managed by the well known French producer Sodi Marciszewer. This has been a golden opportunity for me since I was granted the privilege to lead sessions featuring a great number of international music artists such as Femi Kuti, Keziah jones and more. The studio has been the perfect place for me to observe and learn the process of mixing a full length movie as well. Due to a crashing record industry we’ve all witnessed, followed by the global democratisation of audio and video gear, I had to quickly adapt and start a new adventure as a post-production sound engineer. I've started FOH mixing at around the same time.  the experience of switching environments on a daily basis made it possible for me to reach a new level of sound treatment understanding. 

Trainings / Certifications



Skills: Chief Sound Operator

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