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[Clôturée] Character FX Pipeline TD

Job Description & Responsibilities

The Character FX Pipeline TD is responsible for the design, development, deployment and maintenance of internal CFX tools, pipeline and documentation used for the cloth, hair, fur, muscle, feather simulations on characters and/or dynamic props.
Develops and supports tools and technology needed to arrive at the desired visual style of the project.
Tracks, solves the technical issues and reports them to the CFX Supervisor or Leads.
Simulates and finalizes clothing, hairstyles, fur, feathers or skin deformations based on reference and artistic direction.


Develops and manages the CFX tools, technology and documentations.
Provides technical inputs and supports for all shots and assets being handled by CFX team.
Consults with CFX supervisor as to the technical feasibility of the elements in the designs of the groom, hair/fur, feathers and cloth and suggests production friendly solutions that will maintain the vision of the film.
Serves as a technical adviser to the CFX Supervisor in the Look Development stage of groom and clothes modeling oriented for character simulations.
Collaborates with R&D, Production Engineering and Production Management to improve and evolve the production pipeline and methodologies.
Creates the simulation rigs for characters and creatures using Maya.
Shot execution using simulation rigs and the delivery of finished assets to the Lighting department.

Position Requirements

At least 2 years experience working in CFX department within a CG Animation Feature production pipeline.
Experience of developing tools, scripts or plug-ins to help streamline workflow.
Strong knowledge of Linux, MEL, Python, PySide, PyQt, Git.
A good understanding of pipeline and workflow issues with problem solving skills.

Working knowledge of nCloth, nHair, Yeti, xGen, nucleus solver, fields and dynamic constraints.
A good understanding of Maya constraints and deformers.
Modeling, rigging and Arnold rendering skills.
Knowledges or experiences with Houdini's WireSolver, Vellum, Marvelous Designer are a plus.
General understanding of anatomy, physics and mathematics.

A strong work ethic, and a willingness to be involved in both development and shot execution.
An appreciation of both the aesthetic and technical requirements.
Organised, pro-active, a self-starter with a good eye for detail.
The ability to work as part of a team in a challenging and deadline orientated environment.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to liaise across departments.
A team player and clear communicator and a keenness for collaboration.
Adaptable and with a willingness to learn new skills and techniques.
Calm under pressure and committed to meet production deadlines.
Bachelors and/or Masters Degree in Computer Science, or related field, or comparable job experience.


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