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[Cerrado] Dev Internship on Bounty of One

We are OptizOnion, a team of 2 indie devs working on the game Bounty of One. We are looking for a supporting dev to help us share the workload and improve the depth of our game further.

As a intern Game Dev for Bounty of One, we expect you to be flexible and polyvalent. We want someone who is willing to learn skills outside its comfort zone, a fast learner interested in all tasks surrounding game creation. You'll be required to work with Unity in a modular scriptable object oriented environment. You'll also be requested to work on optimizing the work flow and the game itself.

As young developpers ourselves, we're not looking for extensive experience. However we do require that you have some experience in the gaming industry. Such experience is as follow : 

- Have studied in or been trained in Gaming oriented development
- Having taken part in a Gamejam
- Having been trained on or have worked with Unity

Additional bonus experience includes:

- Having a gamereel
- Scriptable object oriented development (ex : Unity Atoms)
- Experience with Unity UI environment
- Experience with Steamworks
- Experience in Game Design
- Experience working on or playing Roguelike and Roguelite games
- Experience with Discord Community Management
- Experience with SQL

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