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Vfx/Game Development Speeddate Vfx/Game Development Speeddate

[Closed] Compositors, Unity & Unreal Artists, Game developers, CG generalists,...


Looking for your dream job? The speeddate on June 16th 2022, organized by Amplo and mediarte, with the support of FLEGA and Walga, offers you the opportunity to meet a wide range of VFX & game development studios. Above all, these studios are all actively looking for talent.  

During the speeddate, individual interviews will be scheduled between employers and candidates shortlisted for one or more positions. The objective is to allow companies in the VFX & game development industry to actively get in touch with candidates/talents that meet their search criteria. The participating companies and the profiles sought are listed below.

Hereby you'll find the list of the participating studios with their active job openings. Please note that you can apply for multiple jobs!. Please clearly mention the job titel(s) in your application. include a CV, links to any work or portfolio, and any other relevant information. We’re excited to hear from you;.

We encourage marginalized and people from underrepresented groups to apply for all roles.

Job Openings - Speeddate

  • Flow Post ProductionFlow Postproduction, a leading postproduction company in Flanders, was founded in 2014 and has grown considerably since then. Our fresh approach didn't go unnoticed within the industry and from our brand new (2021!) studio, located in the trendy Antwerp South area, we work on projects of great diversity. To achieve the highest possible level, we have an international team of talented artists at our disposal.J
    Job offers
  1. Flow Post Production: VFX supervisor (senior)
  2. Flow Post Production: Compositors (junior/senior)
  3. Flow Post Production: CG generalists ((junior/senior)
  4. Flow Post Production: Unreal Engine technical artists (junior/senior)
  • The PackWe are THE PACK, a bunch of talented artists working on every aspect of digital imagery, supported by a powerful infrastructure and a solid production team. We create stunning VFX work for movies, TV series and advertising. “Pixel Perfect” is our baseline, in our POST production suites and theatre. We enjoy bringing characters to life in ANIMATION series, GAMES or hybrid VR projects, as we strongly believe that REAL-TIME content will be the 3rd digital image revolution.
    Job offers
  1. The Pack: Compositors (junior/senior)
  2. The Pack: Game Developer (junior/senior)
  3. The Pack: 3D Realtime Artist (junior/senior)
  4. The Pack - Houdini Artist (junior/senior)
  1. Like Charlie: Producer/Business manager (senior)
  • Cyborn: is a 3d animation, app and game studio based in Antwerp Belgium. Due to years of experience and innovation - in combination with a multi talented team of developers, artists, animators and engineers - we are capable of creating AAA quality film/series-, VR- and game productions.
    Job offers
  1. Cyborn: Software/Engine Engineer
  2. Cyborn: Unreal Engine Game Play Developer
  3. Cyborn; Unreal Engine VR-Game Designer
  4. Cyborn: Mocap Animator Games
  • BenutsFor more than 10 years now, benuts is a creative hub in visual effects for cinema, television, scenography and advertising is specialized in compositing, matte painting, after effects, motion
    design, opening credits, photorealistic 3D, Houdini FX, on-set supervision, art concept, artistic direction.
    Job offers
  1. Benuts: Nuke Compositor (junior/senior)
  2. Benuts: 3D generalist (junior/senior)
  3. Benuts: Virtual Environment artist (junior/senior)
  4. Benuts: 3D Animator
  • Happy Volcano Happy Volcano is the leading creative game studio behind the award-winning You Suck at Parking, as well as critically acclaimed narrative exploration game The Almost Gone. We are a
    well-funded studio, backed by Hiro Capital and games legend Sir Ian Livingstone. Our team consists of a mix of full-time and contract employees located in Belgium or ±2hrs from CET. Working remotely allows us to be more flexible.
    Job offers
  1. Happy Volcano: Multiplayer engineer (full-time permanent role. remote possible)
  2. Happy Volcano: Multiplayer engineer (full-time permanent role. remote possible)
  • Fabrique Fantastique: the company is located in an old factory building in Lier and has almost forty employees. Tom Van Gestel and co-producer Geert Torfs manage a team of 2D and 3D artists, draftsmen, graphic designers, screenwriters, directors and two project managers. It’s a close-knit team where employees are given the opportunity to learn from each other, and thus become proficient across multiple disciplines. The versatility of the group ensures that the projects, with the exception of sound finishing, can be fully realized within FF.
    Job offers
  1. Fabrique Fantastique - Game developer / Unity artist

>> Please note that you can apply for multiple jobs!. Please clearly mention the job titel(s) in your application. include a CV, links to any work or portfolio, and any other relevant information. We’re excited to hear from you!! 

Practical info

  • Place: Online Speeddate
 _ Discord
  • Date and time: June 16th between 9: and 2pm (an appointment will be proposed if you are selected)
  • Deadline for applications
 June 8th (midnight)
  • Participation is free of charge: participation on registration and selection only.


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