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Mission: Quick matching between jobs and crews

We're happy to launch a new feature: short term Missions/Jobs
How does it work?

Company Side

  • The fastest way to find a match for your job.  Define a place, a date, skills and we will take care of notifying all the profiles matching your offer,  within a radius of 100km.
  • Any Crew can apply, all you have to do is to consult the incoming applications in your CV Box in order to make your personal selection.

Crew Side

  • Is your profile matching with a mission/job proposal within a radius of 100km around you? You will be noticed!
  • Feel free to check out the mission / job proposal and apply instantly if you're showing interest. Once applied, companies will come back to you if there's a match.
  • We advise you to install our app to make the process of matching as easy as it gets

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