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Long live the Belgian Society for Visual Effects Professionals.

To all Belgian film- and tv-professionals, post-production people, production crew, film-students or visual effects enthusiasts.

A few years back a couple of senior visual effects professionals from multiple studios gathered with the idea to form a society for all working in the Belgian visual effects industry and adjacent professions. Following the example of our peers abroad we wanted to create a platform that champions our hard-working artists, could help our studios relay to our country’s governing bodies and guide and advise up-and-coming talent as best as possible. Today we are beyond proud to announce the inception of the Belgian Society of Visual Effects Professionals, or BVX for short. Here are some key points we stand for:

  • The BVX aims to hold regular meetings and events where vfx artists can meet up and network. Inviting world-renowned vfx talent and supervisors from our own studios to share their experiences will allow our artists to grow and learn and from the best in our field. It will also give our studios an opportunity to network with key talent across borders.
  • The BVX is reaching out to the numerous film schools and visual effects training courses in Belgium. We offer our advice to optimize courses and curriculum to better address the needs of our industry and to prepare graduates for the professional environment as best as possible. We want to give a realistic insight into the great work being done at Belgian studios. With the goal of slowing down the exodus of new talent to international vfx hotspots.
  • The BVX aspires to be a representative voice for both studios and artists towards the VAF, Wallimage, Screen Flanders, Screen Brussels, WBI, … but also towards our different governments to keep a healthy dialogue going and offering advice concerning our Tax Shelter.
  • The BVX will be an ideal partner to the existing Belgian professional organisations like the SBC, Unie van Regisseurs, Scenaristengilde, Belgian Film Producers,UPFF, …
  • We want to further encourage understanding between the different professions responsible for creating our high-quality Belgian film and tv content. The visual effects process can be daunting to those looking in from the outside. The BVX hopes to shed a light by showing content creators what is possible. By breaking down the complexities and highlighting the importance of bringing vfx in during pre-production.
  • And last but not least, we want to champion our finest. Without huge Hollywood budgets were able to produce amazing creative artistry as well as make great technological achievements. Isn’t it time for a Magritte and/or Ensorfor Best Visual Effects ? We certainly think so!

Find out more soon at www.belgianvfx.be

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