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How do you procrastinate?

When you should do something but keep postponing it, that is called procrastination. 

But what do you do instead? Getting lost on Youtube? Thoroughly cleaning your gear? Chatting with every other Crew on the set? Show us by sharing a picture and add #Procrastination in the title!

Procrastinating is a perfectly normal behaviour, but here are a few tips to cope with it if it prevents you to do a good job:

  1. Start with the smallest action possible: once you're in, it's easier
  2. Focus on the next action, don't focus on the whole, complex project
  3. Do the task you keep postponing before anything else
  4. Set a timer, with enough but not too much time to complete the task
  5. Define a deadline yourself or ask a friend/colleague to set one for you: feeling accountable makes you do things



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