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Crewbooking is pleased to welcome the Audio Visual Integration industry

After the audiovisual (TV/Radio/Media), Film, Entertainment and Event industries, Crewbooking warmly welcomes the Audiovisual Integration professionals.

IT networks and systems, videoconferencing, remote controlling, simultaneous translation, audio and video broadcasting, digital signage, ...audiovisual integration allows a combination of multiple devices and technologies, making the use of a venue or studio comfortable and functional. The process of integration involves creating the connections between these devices (usually through a series of switchers or matrix devices) and then programming software that connects the devices and enables that seamless switching.

Calling on a wide range of specific skills and equipment, the Audio Visual Integration industry has gained its acclaim for years now and has given rise to solid and exciting career paths.

Excellent reasons to enable all professionals active in this specific industry to benefit from our dedicated tools to improve efficiency and productivity.

Discover what our platform is offering:

  • Technological vigilance
  • Access to a large network of qualified professionals and companies
  • Training opportunities
  • Skills development and certification module
  • Project management
  • Team sourcing
  • Planning and booking tool
  • Dedicated communication channels
  • ...

Say goodbye to your daily constraints and make your life easier...starting today with Crewbooking.

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