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[Closed] Python developer

The Python Developer works in close collaboration with the 2D and 3D Department TD’s and the IT Department to support and develop the studio’s pipeline. He/she maintains and improves the existing code to maximize the efficiency and is able to develop code following the TD’s and IT’s requests.

- Proficient in Python 2.x/3.x
- Knowledge of following software API’s is a plus: Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Muster and Shotgun
- Experience with PyQt or PySide is preferable
- Good level in Linux shell bash scripting
- Experience with GIT revision control system is preferred.
- Experience in feature animation or VFX production pipeline technology is a plus.
- Responsible for multitasking and dealing with multiple urgent situations at a time, the
  Python Developer must be extremely rigorous, flexible, able to solve problems and to determine priorities and     respect deadlines.
- Languages: French and English; Dutch is a plus.

Contact: jobs@benuts.be


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