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[Closed] 3D Animator


We are The Pack, based in Brussels, Antwerp and Wallonia.


The Company

Talented artists working on every aspect of digital imagery, supported by a powerful infrastructure and a solid production team.

We create stunning VFX work for movies, TV series and high-end advertising.

We enjoy bringing characters to life in high-end commercials, live-action and animation features and series. We also develop games and hybrid VR projects.


We offer our employees a creative working environment and the possibility to work together with a team of professionals from all fields of creative technology in a fast changing industry.

The Position

We’re looking for a 3D Animator. You’ll use the animation-tools provided and deliver animations within the set quota and quality levels under supervision of the animation director. Additionally, you’ll help with the setup, documentation and implementation of the animation pipeline and test new techniques and technology as necessary.


  • Knowledge of Maya
  • Knowledge of the fundamental animation principles (staging, timing, anticipation, follow through, exaggeration, squash and stretch,...)
  • Experience as a 3D character animator in the animation industry
  • Experience with animation tools such as AnimBot, etc.
  • Knowledge of English (spoken and written)

Optional Strengths

  • Experience with facial animation and lip-sync
  • Experience with rigging
  • Experience with mesh skinning/vertex weighting
  • Experience with clean up of motion capture data
  • Knowledge of scripting in Python and PyQt, MEL, C++ or other scripting languages
  • Knowledge of anatomy for both human/biped and animal/quadruped
  • Knowledge of Dutch and/or French

Why Should You Apply?

  • You want to be challenged in a technological, fast-changing industry.
  • You want to work on great projects that have an impact on your colleagues and our clients.
  • You think we can learn from you.
  • That you will extend our unique team.
  • That you can have a big impact on our brand and products.
  • Work on amazing animation, VR and game content.


Please mail us your CV, showreel, Artstation profile, and all your info to hr@thepack.studio and we’ll get back to you asap.

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