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Marc Schumacher Marc Schumacher

[Closed] Light Technicians

Crew for Light System Installation

We are seeking a team of 3-4 experienced roadies for a two-day project involving the installation and dismantling of a light system for a dance floor. The crew will be responsible for setting up trusses, installing moving head lights, handling all necessary cabling, and addressing DMX for a seamless light show experience.
- Set up and secure trusses safely and efficiently.
- Install and position moving head lights as per the provided layout.
- Manage and organize all cabling to ensure a neat and safe environment.
- Perform DMX addressing and ensure all lighting equipment is functioning correctly.
- Collaborate with the team to ensure timely completion of setup.
- Dismantle and pack up equipment carefully after the event.
- Setup: 1 day (Date: 30/11)
- Dismantling: 1 day (Date: 2/12)

Communication can be done in English, French or German

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