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[Closed] Audio technician/conference technician needed on a cruise ship starting from 18th of June (preferably)/ 21st of June

We are urgently looking for an allround audio technicians that is well able to work on her own/his own. We need someone that is flexible and knows his/her way around basic audio equipment and conference set ups (microphones, setting up speakers and such). No operating necessary.

Physical work will be a huge part of this job as the job takes place on a cruise ship and the crew is rather small. So set up and tear down will be done by one person (mostly alone).

We would like to have someone to join our team for preperations, which start tomorrow already (18th of June). These will take place in Werne (Germany).

If need be, we can also accept for the respective person to join the team on June 21st, when the whole crew will travel to Triest(Italy). Travel days will be 21st/ 26th of June. Set up, show days and tear down will be between 22nd and 25th/26th of June. 

The event itself will be a conference/convention.


If you are available, please feel free to reach out and we are happy to provide further details.


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